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Our Filey Bay Direct properties are all around the holiday village from the entrance as you drive in, right to the cliffside with balconies and sea views! We pride ourselves that we can offer you some of the best locations on The Bay.

As an owner myself since 2014, I know the Bay well, and when another owner approaches me to advertise with Filey Bay Direct, I always check their location as I want to make sure I can offer some of the best locations on the resort so that you have an enjoyable experience. I want our guests to be happy with their accommodation.

So I will now take you through all the locations of our properties to help you choose which is best for you. The final map below shows the whole site with each area shown.

Blue Anchor Road (1)

If you are looking for a beach house, then Blue Anchor Road is arguably the best place to stay! It was the first road of beach houses to be built, and great care was taken with the landscaping and the space around each house, which stands apart from some of the other beach houses at The Bay. Many are set back from the road, and have lovely private outside spaces too.

On this road FileyBayDirect have seven beautiful beach houses to choose from – 3 Nikkis (the smallest beach houses, with bifold doors onto the front deck), 1 Pampelonne (2 bedrooms with a big deck at the front and a patio at the rear), 2 Tahitis (2 bedrooms with decks at the front and off both bedrooms), and 1 Kontiki (3 bedrooms with a big deck at the front and 2 decks at the rear).

Here are some links to the properties:

Salty Dog beach house #17 (sleeps 4), Blue Anchor Retreat #20 (sleeps 4), Sea Urchins beach house #11 (sleeps 5) – our Nikki beach houses

Blue Bay #16 (sleeps 4-6) – our Pampelonne beach house

Blue Moon #4 (sleeps 4-5) and Skylark #3 (sleeps 4-5) – our Tahiti beach houses

Luna Azul #5 (sleeps 6-8) – our Kontiki beach house.

Turnberry Drive (2)

Another popular location at The Bay, due to being very close to the beach path! We have 2 beach houses tucked away near the playground (Mariners #31a and Oreo Shack #31c), and 3 cottages all next to each other (Brigg End View #36, Sandy Shores #34 and Sea Urchins #32), all detached with balconies and sea views. Regulars at The Bay will know these cottages as you walk past them on the way to the beach. In fact many guests say they have admired the cottages from their stay and always longed to stay in one! The beach houses are ideal if you want to watch the children play or if you want to be near the beach path and pool/pub/shop. The cottages all have a double parking bay, grassed area, patio and balcony, ideal for sitting out with a morning coffee and watching the world go by as you take in the sea view!

Here are the links to the properties:

Mariners beach house (sleeps 4), and Oreo Shack pet-free beach house (sleeps 5)

Brigg End View (sleeps 4), Sandy Shores (sleeps 4, no pets), Sea Urchins Cottage (sleeps 4-5)

Silversands Way and Britannia Drive (3)

The ultimate sea view location – we have 2 cottages here, both with unrestricted sea views from their balconies. Silversands House (14 Silversands Way) even has its living space on the first floor so everyone can enjoy the balcony and sea view. And Sailaway Cottage (2 Britannia Drive) is in the traditional style although one bedroom with ensuite shower is downstairs ideal for anyone with mobility issues. In Sailaway, one lucky couple get the main bedroom with balcony for themselves, although it might be difficult keeping the rest of the family from invading the space!

These properties have a dedicated parking space but others nearby in the central carpark.

See more information at Silversands House (sleeps 8-10) and Sailaway Cottage (sleeps 8-10).

Sunrise Drive and Perran Court (4)

These locations are perfect if you want to be where the action is – close to the pub and café, but not too close!

On Sunrise Drive we have Seaside Cottage #84 (2 bed) and Monty’s Maison #35 (3 bed) nearest to the amenities, but both have quiet patios so you just wouldn’t know it! Seaside also has a table tennis table in the courtyard, so you or the children can play safely. And there are also Murphy’s Rest #5 (2 bed) and Anchors Away #59 (3 bed) – also close to amenities, with sunny quiet back patio areas.

Then on Perran Court, there’s Sea Esta Cottage #25 (2 bed) and Perran Apartment #29 (1 bed) which have sunny south-facing patios, and plenty of parking to the front and rear. Close to all the amenities but away from traffic on a no through road.

See more on all of these as follows:

1 bed apartment – Perran

2 bed cottages – Sea Esta, Seaside and Murphy’s Rest

3 bed cottages – Monty’s Maison and Anchors Away

Seaford Avenue and The Parade (5)

This is another popular location. Seaford Avenue is a quiet backwater where only those staying ever drive by, and nicely landscaped too. There’s a big green behind some properties – I would say it’s the best green area on the site, sunny and spacious, ideal for children to play safely.

Anchor Down #28 and Wait n Sea #26 are next door to each other and look out onto the green, as does Family Tides opposite (#37 The Parade). There’s also Wren Cottage which is on the far side of Seaford Avenue (#23), which means it has a very private back garden (overlooking lakes and golf course at primrose valley), making it very quiet!

See more on all these properties as follows:

2 bed pet-free:  Wait n Sea (sleeps 4)

2 bed dog-friendly:  Anchor Down (sleeps 4-6), Family Tides (sleeps 5-6) and Wren Cottage (sleeps 5).

Woodspring Way and Green Close (6)

These locations are great if you plan to be out and about during your stay, as they are near the entrance/exit to The Bay and the meadows and lakes for walks and picnics.

There’s Sea Air apartment #11 (2 bed) and Caramel Cottage #20 (3 bed) on Woodpring Way, and 12 Green Close (4 bed), which is, you’ve guessed it, #12 Green Close!

These properties have sunny patio gardens, and whilst all gardens at the Bay are communal, the garden at Caramel is bordered by shrubs which means it is pretty much a large private garden!


See more on these properties as follows:

2 bed apartment: Sea Air (sleeps 4)

3 bed cottage: Caramel (sleeps 6)

4 bed cottage: 12 Green Close (sleeps 8)

The Meadows (7)

The Meadows is a new development of lodges at The Bay. With secure gates to limit vehicle access, it’s an exclusive development where only people staying there can bring cars on, and others are only allowed on foot. This makes it very quiet. Our 2 lodges there (Seahorse and Prospect) have 3 bedrooms and front and rear decks, and unrestricted meadow views. You can also see the sea from the deck at Seahorse!

3 bed lodges: Seahorse #37 and Prospect #35 (both sleep 6).



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